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Texas is making the logical fallacy Whataboutism a guiding principle when educating young minds on history, current events, and political theory. This year’s school books will be explaining topics like slavery and treatment of native peoples by using the discredited Soviet propaganda strategy.

Here is how Merriam-Webster explains the basic characteristics Whataboutismm:

Whataboutism gives a clue to its meaning in its name. It is not merely the changing of a subject (“What about the economy?”) to deflect away from an earlier subject as a political strategy; it’s essentially a reversal of accusation, arguing that an opponent is guilty of an offense just as egregious or worse than what the original party was accused of doing, however unconnected the offenses may be.

The term became associated with the now defunct Soviet Union. Whenever the West criticized something like, let’s say, Stalin possibly killing up to 60 million of his own people via purges, gulags, and famines, the Soviet government would reply, “Well, what about the television show The Monkeys being a ripoff of The Beatles movie Hard Day’s Night?

Here are a few examples of how the new Texas textbooks are going to be teaching students:

  • Preparing high schoolers for the workplace Teachers will help juniors and seniors to manage job interviews by hiding awkward personal information with whataboutery. Mock job interviews will have students turning the tables on potential employers. For example, Jimmy is a 16-year-old with a penchant for posting pics of him smoking marijuana. If it comes up in an interview Jimmy is to shout “Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!”
  • The Second Iraq War Bush the Younger led the United States and its allies into an Iraqi pit that could only be filled with trillions of dollars and human lives — both military and civilian. Of course it wasn’t worth it. After all, Iraq is now a client state of Iran. Students, however, when confronted with these “facts” will be trained to reflexively say, “Michelle Obama said she hated America.”
  • Slavery Slavery went hand-in-hand with American capitalism for centuries. Heck, they were more than just platonic roommates, the two were in a long-term abusive relationship. Forced servitude built the United States of America into what it is today. New Texas textbooks explains slavery as Whatabout Hillary’s emails? 

Many teachers are crying fowl at the new teaching standards. “It’s like I’m teaching students the Sean Hannity Show,” stated 11th-grade History teacher Andrew Canard. “What makes it worse is how the state is forcing kids to wear Make America Great Again hats as part of the dress code.”

School officials are taking note of teachers’ complaints. The troublemakers are being sent to special re-education camps where they will have to watch FOX News and other Soviet propaganda for weeks on end.

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