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Wheel of Fortune, one of the longest-running game shows on television, recently announced it is dedicating a whole week to the angelic language commonly referred to as “speaking in tongues.” Each puzzle will feature a phrase inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I am closer to God thanks to Wheel of Fortune’s Speaking in Tongues Week.

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Wheel, as many fans call it, started in January 1975. Pat Sajak holds the august title of the longest-running game show host. His partner in crime, Vanna White, started working the puzzle board in 1982.

The game mechanics are structured like the game hangman. Players earn money and other prizes like vacations by spinning a large wheel and then guessing letters to solve a puzzle. The one who solves the puzzle keeps their prize.

The program often features themed weeks. Service members may be featured contestants during Veterans Week, for example. Wheel celebrated its 40th anniversary with XL Week by giving bonus prizes to winners.

Though the show is popular, studio executives wanted to shake things up. That’s when Vice President of Development Andrew Canard came up with the idea of taking Wheel in a spiritual direction. “We know evangelicals make up a lot of our audience. Why not give them something they want?” Canard said.

At first, there were skeptical voices concerning the promotion. After all, studies show that speaking in tongues is pure gibberish and isn’t a real language. But those concerns were shut down when Canard pointed out that many of the puzzle solutions already being used don’t make any sense.

One puzzle was inspired by noted TikTok personality Kevin James Thornton. Here is the TikTok that launched a thousand shamala hamalas.

Host Pat Sajak is a pro and isn’t concerned the games will last too long because players may be seized by the Holy Spirit and start rambling angelspeak. “I know how to keep things moving,” he said. “And if things get out of control, the editors will fix it in post.”

In related news, a new study shows atheists block God’s blessings.

The featured image was generated using the Wheel of Fortune puzzle generator.

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