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A painting of Cyrus releasing the Jews from the Babylonian captivity.

If you were born into a godless family, then the Evangelical support for Donald J. Trump during the election probably seems crazy. After all, looking at the Donald’s history one would not assume the man won a lot of merit badges from the Almighty. He seems more likely to be raking in CEO level of bonuses from the Devil.  However, if you were brought up in a religious family like me, then you know anything is possible with faith, and you’re not surprised Evangelicals voted Trump.

The Guardian published an opinion piece Does the ‘Cyrus prophecy’ help explain evangelical support for Donald Trump? by James S. Gordon that will help dispell any confusion.

In this excerpt, the author just pointed out President Trump is not godly. This is part of the answer he got from his Uber driver who is a Christian:

“Yessss,” she responded slowly. “You’re right. But he doesn’t have to be a Christian to be part of God’s plan. Our minister says he’s come to tear down the corrupt order just as Nebuchadnezzar did.” And just as the pagan Nebuchadnezzar had the prophet Daniel to counsel him, “Mr Trump has godly men around him. Governor Pence, Jerry Falwell Jr, Mike Huckabee.”

God’s plan. That little bit of pixie dust explains Nana’s cancer, the tornado that wrecked the town and killed dozens, and President Tump.

I read the Old Testament books of Ezra and Nehemiah a few months ago. Long story short, they chronicle the return of the Jewish people to the holy land. As many of you know that area of the world in ancient times was dominated by multinational empires. What was then the newly formed Persian Empire under Cyrus released the chosen people from the Babylonian captivity.

What does that have to do with President Trump?

I’m glad you asked.

Lance Wallnau loves the idea that Trump is a modern day Cyrus. Not only does he believe it, but he wrote the popular book God’s Chaos Candidate: Donald J. Trump and the American Unraveling.

The name of the book says a lot.

Here’s what James S. Gordon writes about the Trump-Cyrus-Wallnau connection.

To Wallnau, the message was clear. Trump had been elected by God and would soon be elected by Americans to fulfill the prophecy. He was a warrior against the global “demonic agenda”, “raising the warning cry about the unraveling of America.” Trump’s obvious faults and flaws only confirmed the prophecy: Cyrus, like Trump, was powerful, rich, and pagan, not at all godly.

There’s more and if you’re interested in the cognitive somersaults many Evangelicals do to support Trump, then check out the entire article here.
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