The public traditionally casts a skeptical eye towards politicians. They are trusted as much as used car salesmen. But Ted Cruz is the most unliked. Why?

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Senator Ted Cruz is unpopular. The general public does not like him. He’s the butt of countless jokes on Saturday Night Live. Even his fellow Republican lawmakers find him intolerable to be around.

But why?

Here are a few news stories illustrating why Ted Cruz is so unpopular.

Ted Cruz abandoned Texans in their hour of need

Senator Ted Cruz abandoned Texas to go on vacation during one of the worst snowstorms in the state’s history and millions of Texans lost their power. Marriot Co. decided to take away all of his award points due to his reprehensible behavior.

If a participant in the program engages in a heinous crime, we can’t be seen offering such an individual perks. It would damage our brand. Unfortunately, Senator Cruz decided to abandon his constituents in their hour of need. We had no choice but to nullify whatever awards he earned.

Marriot CEo Andrew Canard

Ted Cruz randomly coughs up slime

During the Supreme Court nomination hearing for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Senator Cruz coughed up slime on a fellow Republican lawmaker.

Colleagues report the junior senator from the Lone Star State as extra slimy lately. “Under normal circumstances, Ted leaves a trail of excretions that is quite prolific,” explained Senior Texas Senator John Cornyn. “The confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson amplified Ted’s slime production considerably.”

Ted Cruz hands out money to the journalists

It’s one thing to garner attention from the press by saying extreme things like Marjorie Taylor Greene. And while Ted Cruz isn’t above doing that, he’s known to pass out $50 bills to reporters just to get in the media.

People love me. I’m so popular I get a phone call from my mother once per year.

Senator Ted Cruz

Being the most unlikeable senator does have some privileges. The 2024 election isn’t too far away, and he is one of former President Trump’s favorite targets to attack. It may not be much, but it will get Senator Cruz’s name on FOX News.

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