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What You Don’t Know About The New SCOTUS Nominee will help women understand why they should support President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Even if you are a guy, the video is worth seeing.

Check it out!

YouTube video

I was looking at the comment section of the YouTube video. (Looking at other people’s comment section is easier than looking at my own.)

This one was at the top and caught my eye:

I’m terrified… I live in Louisiana, where our only planned parenthood cannot perform abortions. They help the poor community, they give out birth control, and perform free Pap smears/breast exams, but there’s a fight to end this ! Our family planning clinics fall in that category and that’s where women are also provided with WIC vouchers, that helps to provide food and formula for children, as well as food for pregnant/nursing mothers. The only 2 abortion clinics are 6 hrs apart and they charge $600-$800, the abortion pill is $550… this is why people, have turned to ordering mifepristone/ru486 overseas and administerings it alone, at home ! Without proper knowledge on how to use the drug, one is at serious risk. Unfortunately, the women who do go to the ER hemorrhaging are at risk for having feticide charges brought against them, if they admit use of this drug ! Here’s a drug that is easily accessible in most countries and costs as little as $3 a pill but, $550 here in the US. We need planned parenthood… Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi are losing all of our planned parenthood clinics and our abortion clinics. There are many impoverished towns along this stretch of defunded states, and unwanted pregnancies won’t make things better.

Terrifying stuff.

Sorry, no joke. Just terrifying.

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