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Sometimes the premise of a joke is so strong it will carry the whole skit. In this video Where in the World Is Kellyanne Conway? – SNL, well, you already know the premise and the joke just by the title.

It’s a clean joke. It’s clean in a sense you don’t have to explain it. It’s elegant and simple in a certain way. (Yes, dirty jokes can be clean.)

If I were going to write a skit about Kellyanne Conway it would be Kellyanne’s internal dialogue while she’s on a panel at FOX News. I was watching the channel the other day and saw Kellyanne was sharing the stage with the “fearless Millenial” Katherine Timph. You can tell Katherine is new to FOX News because she doesn’t have that angry cheerleader look most of the female newscasters have. Katherine is not unattractive, as blond as modern chemistry can make her, and rocks the geek glasses. You could almost smell the hate-girl-envy from Kellyanne.

Yeah, maybe I have crush on the Evil Timph.


That’s my creative two cents.

Check out the video.

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