Reading Time: 2 minutes Trauma fragments people, and as a result fragments their narratives. What are some strategies to understand, and heal, in these situations?
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Neo-classical freshman year style

My schedule on weekdays is to schlep out of work at 9 AM (I work overnights) and head over to the somewhat local Starbucks. I usually mind my own business because I’m thinking of something funny to write.

After I was done with my morning funny, this young woman next to me picked up her phone and for several minutes afterward engaged in what I consider to be the prototypical bad college roommate discussion. I’m not a fan of overhearing other people’s conversations, but this one just seemed so damned interesting.

For your entertainment, here is The Epic of Jen.

Jen #1


Jen 2


Jen 3


Jen 4


Jen 5


Jen 6


Jen 7


Jen 8


jen 9

Will I ever find out what happened to Jen and her rats?

I do plan to head back to that Starbucks this week, only time will tell.

I don’t believe in prayer, bit if I did I would be praying my pants off right now.

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