Attempting to combat voter fraud, Republicans willing to build " army". Silhouette hand placing vote in ballot box
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Republican Party video recordings set out plan to challenge Democratic polling stations by creating an army of volunteers and lawyers

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In an attempt to combat alleged voter fraud, the Republican Party plans to engage in voter fraud with a twist. Politico reported on this plan in early June, in which it stated there are multiple strategy plans to overturn votes in Michigan Democratic precincts.

This plan includes installing trained recruits as poll workers as well as putting them in direct contact with friendly Republican attorneys. This scheme is a direct response to Trump’s claims that he lost the 2020 election due to voter fraud. A GOP-led investigation found that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Michigan let alone anywhere else in the US.

Zoom video recordings outlined the Republican National Committee’s plan to install party volunteers who will be trained in challenging voters in Democratic-majority polling places. These volunteers will be using a hotline website created by Zendesk (a software support company) to be able to live-chat with party district attorneys who then will be able to intervene and block votes. Volunteers will also be put in touch with local lawyers. The goal is for these district attorneys and local lawyers to gum up the system by issuing subpoenas and creating unnecessary investigations.

The RNC election integrity director for Michigan, Matthew Seifried, insinuated that this plot is going to be an “army.”

At the time of reporting, Politico noted that more than 5,600 volunteers had already signed up to engage with this plot against democracy. Many still believe the lies that Trump has spread about voter fraud, particularly those who are both conservative and Christian. Matthew Dunlap noted in 2017 (while he was still Senator for Maine) that this was indicative of a “troubling bias” that is pushing for “pre-existing conclusions”. With this precinct strategy in Michigan, this is evident, many are willing to overthrow democracy based on conclusions that have no basis.

Many of the volunteers believe that fraud was committed at the polls through Covid distancing measures, claiming that these measures blocked them from the voting tables. This is coming from the same party that made it illegal to provide food and water to voters standing in line in Georgia. The level of double-think is mind-boggling as Republicans have been the party pushing to make it harder to vote.

This scheme is being labeled the “precinct strategy” by Steve Bannon, Trump’s former strategist, who is calling for his podcast audience to get involved in election leadership positions. Nick Penniman, founder and CEO of the election-watchdog group Issue One, commented, “the real hope is that you can throw the choosing of electors to state legislatures.” Penniman also issued the concern, “It looks like now the Trump forces are going directly after the legal system itself and that should concern everyone.”

This should indeed cause everyone alarm as democracy is not only being blatantly challenged but disregarded.

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