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Welcome, and news!

Today I’m very pleased to announce the publication of the third book in my Caliel series, CITY OF LIGHT. It’s the sequel to BROKEN RING from earlier this year, continuing the epic story of a world where mortals rebelled against the gods and won. Here’s the synopsis:

The world of Caliel is on the brink of war.

In the lands of the god Vraxor, family turns against family and friend turns against friend, as the dark god’s priesthood is riven by dissension and schism, and opposing armies muster in the wings. Raine Destin and a former enemy battle in the halls of power to hold the nation together, but all their diplomacy and guile may not be enough to stop their country from tearing itself apart in catastrophic civil war.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Myrren Kahliana and her friends have come to the great city of Palidia, capitol of the lands of light, on an impossible mission: to track down an ancient and deadly race of demons and recover the weapon they’ve stolen before they can use it to shatter the world. But Palidia is in turmoil, swollen with refugees, its democracy besieged and undermined from within by a sinister plot, and Myrren’s quest will take her into the deep waters of the city’s politics, where no one can be trusted and enemies lurk behind the smile of every ally.

Merciless destiny divided them. Can they defy fate and fight their way back to be reunited?

There will be four books in this series; the fourth and last will be next year. If you haven’t started yet, now’s the time! Watch this blog for free giveaways. In the meantime:

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Don’t forget to visit my books website for all my latest publications and writing news, including free short stories. If you have any other questions about the book, or just general chatter or feedback, let me know in the comments!

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