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If you have a Facebook account, you have an opportunity this month to help out two worthy secular organizations in a big, big way. The Secular Student Alliance and Camp Quest have both been nominated for the Chase Community Giving program, in which Chase gives out $5 million to the charities that win the most votes. The prize money is distributed like this:

  • $250,000 to the charity receiving the most votes
  • $100,000 to the next ten runners-up
  • $50,000 to the next thirty-five runners-up
  • $20,000 to the next fifty runners-up
  • $10,000 to the next one hundred runners-up

Everyone who’s on Facebook gets two votes, which can’t both be cast for the same organization – which means this is a perfect opportunity to support both the SSA and Camp Quest and the fantastic work that they both do. Here’s the Facebook page to vote for the SSA, and here’s the page to vote for Camp Quest.

In addition, if you share the Chase Community Giving page on Facebook, you get one extra vote, and if you bank with Chase you can sign up here for two extra votes. Voting is open starting today and will run until September 19. Go vote now and help the secular movement thrive! Again, here are those links:

Vote for the SSA

Vote for Camp Quest

UPDATE: I’ve found out that yet another excellent secular organization, the Foundation Beyond Belief, is also in the running! Vote for the FBB here.

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