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As you may have noticed, post pagination is back, and I’m not happy about it. This isn’t of my choosing; it was imposed on Patheos atheist bloggers without our consent and with very little advance notice.

This is a cheap and artificial way to inflate page view counts, and it does so at the cost of actively antagonizing people who want to read a longer essay all the way through. It makes information harder to search for and makes the site almost impossible to read on slow or data-limited mobile connections. It’s far worse, if you ask me, than the malicious ads we’ve been dealing with lately that try to hijack your browser.

If you share my opinion on this, please leave a comment and say so. I’m not the only Patheos blogger who’s upset, but the more reader feedback I can present to the management, the more likely it is that we can get this pointless annoyance turned off again.

UPDATE: Your prayers have been answered! Post pagination is being disabled. The atheist channel was the guinea pig for this change, and it looks like they heard our opinion loud and clear.

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