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The next few years are going to be a dark time. I like to think that I’m a generally optimistic person, but I’ve found precious little to be cheerful about in these past two weeks, and giving up on activism entirely is a thought that’s crossed my mind. In the months to come, I feel as though we’re all going to need reminders that there’s goodness in the world and that it’s worth defending.

So, let’s have a thread devoted to love and kindness. This is the place to share something that gives you hope, that makes you feel optimistic or that you’re thankful for: a good deed or an act of compassion that you saw, read about or participated in.

Or, if you’re in need of some love and kindness, let’s make this the place. If you’ve got a dilemma you could use some advice on how to solve, or a burden that you just want to vent about (spending holidays with obnoxious relatives, maybe?), or if by chance you have a problem that some strangers on the internet might be able to offer tangible help with, let’s make this the place to put it out there. You never know when it can help just to talk.

To get things started, here’s a picture of my little guy, who’s just over eleven weeks old today. He’s the best reminder I’ve got that, in spite of everything, those of us who care have reason to work for a better future.


His hat was knitted by his grandma (my mom), and the blanket was an unexpected gift from my debate partner, Andrew Murtagh. From the doctors and nurses who helped him be born safely, to the family members who helped care for him, to all the friends who’ve sent warm wishes and gifts, every day with him is a reminder that it really does take a village’s worth of love and kindness to bring a new human being into the world.

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