Ask Me Anything! with Hemant Mehta

Thursday, July 7

2 pm ET

Live Online

Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the founder and editor of, a YouTube creator, and podcast co-host. He has appeared on CNN and FOX News and served on the board of directors for Foundation Beyond Belief and the Secular Student Alliance.

Marcus Johnson

Marcus Johnson is a political commentator and a political science Ph.D. candidate at American University. His primary research focus is the impact of political institutions on the racial wealth gap.

ASK ME ANYTHING! with Hemant Mehta

Veteran atheist writer, Hemant Mehta (aka “Friendly Atheist”) is kicking off OnlySky’s first public event since launching in January 2022 with a live Q&A! OnlySky invites you to hear Hemant live, submit questions, and join in on the conversation in a live chat. OnlySky’s staff news writer and editor, Marcus Johnson, will host the conversation.

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