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You don’t have to ‘be fruitful and multiply’: More Americans having just one child

Reading Time: 7 minutes For much of history, “only children” were rare. Whether due to religious traditions, lack of birth control, cultural norms, or the simple need for manual labor, women commonly gave birth to numerous children. Having multiples also offset the common childhood deaths resulting from harsh conditions of life. In 1800, American women typically had seven to […]

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Who the eff cares if you curse? Swearing is useful

Reading Time: 7 minutes “What a stupid son of a bitch,” President Biden inadvertently muttered on a hot mic, words forever captured in an official White House transcript of remarks on Jan. 24. And the typical frenzy began. Everyone knows from a young age that they aren’t allowed to utter certain “bad” words. Swearing makes us look uneducated, we […]