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Does anyone have to be poor?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Does anyone have to be poor? Or is the ongoing existence of poverty a choice we make? In 2021, the world’s population was 7.9 billion people. Over the same time period, the gross world product (GWP)—the sum total of all human economic activity—was around $87 trillion. This figure encompasses vast inequality, everyone from yacht-owning billionaires […]

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Secular values in action: Rep. Jamie Raskin

Reading Time: 5 minutes What would the United States look like if it were led according to secular values? Although the US was founded as a secular nation, Christianity has always wielded disproportionate influence on our politics. How would our laws be different if nonreligious people held one-third of congressional seats, proportional to our share of the population? Secular […]

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Secular profile: George Holyoake

Reading Time: 7 minutes When I was a boy first studying history outside American textbooks, the United Kingdom was at first an image of pomp and period drama, not so alien to the lovers of high end film and television but exotic and mystic to her North American descendants in its antiquity. As I became more experienced in the […]

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Autism and the tendencies of belief

Reading Time: 4 minutes I can’t say for sure where my tendencies towards depression and extreme emotional responses to change first came; my grandmother has dealt with the same in her life, as well as the compulsive need to take a look at charities and noble causes. I know mental issues like this can be heritable to the point […]

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Why degrowth is (still) wrong

Reading Time: 6 minutes Earlier this month, I wrote an essay against degrowth, the position that drastic reductions to the modern lifestyle are our only hope of saving the planet. I argued that, to the contrary, renewable energy promises a future of greater abundance even as we tread more lightly on the Earth. It’s the very rare case where […]

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Heat pumps will bring secular victory

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fossil fuels pay for Vladimir Putin’s war. The oil and gas that Europe buys from Russia become the bombs and missiles falling on Ukraine. If we had a way to break this dependence, if Europeans no longer relied on Russian gas to heat their homes, we could choke off Putin’s revenue and bring his invasion […]