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Litter box hoax comes to Ireland

Reading Time: 4 minutes When I grew up in Ireland in the 1980s, it would take months for a movie to go from general release in America into my local cinema. Nowadays, everything is everywhere all at once. Apparently, anti-trans propaganda is following the 1980s protocol. You might have heard a story. It’s always the same. It comes from […]

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Jesus killed by Israeli state forces in Palestine

Reading Time: < 1 minute International press agencies are reporting that, due to a tragic case of mistaken identity, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ was shot dead in the West Bank on Friday.  “The IDF regrets shooting Jesus,” said an Israeli army spokesman. “In our defence, the dove he was holding looked just like a grenade from 500 yards away. […]

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Spring arraignment fashions

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s only April, and already New York high society is preparing for the must-attend event of the year. OnlySky spoke to Bryce Yeoville, fashion coordinator for major functions in New York, about how to dress properly for an arraignment. “It’s hard to believe he used to be president,” he laughs. “It seems like another lifetime!” Usually, […]

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On final solutions

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the failings of religion is inflexibility. Religious people may conclude that a god is the source of objective morality. Therefore, they are externalizing and objectivizing a relative, subjective concept. Also, they are obviating the possibility of error correction and progress. Religious people sometimes see arguments inside their movements and assume that they are […]

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Musk destroys Team-Building Weekend

Reading Time: < 1 minute Police are still digging through the rubble of a North California outdoor adventure center after a Twitter team-building weekend went horribly wrong.  “Twitter rented the entire facility for the weekend. We hired a security guard and left them at it,” said Tony Mercado, the owner and operator of NorCal Adventure. “We still haven’t found that guard. […]

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Divorce is relatively recent in Ireland

Reading Time: 2 minutes When I divorced my first wife in 2008, I was expecting some blowback from friends and family. I was living in California at the time. But in Ireland, it was new. A referendum removing the constitutional prohibition on divorce was approved on 24 November, 1995. The social order of my country did not fall apart, as was […]

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Someone understands bitcoin

Reading Time: 2 minutes Despite thousands of ‘Bitcoin Explained’ blog posts, the most popular cryptocurrency remains confusing and impenetrable. We spoke to someone who believes he has a handle on it.   “I think I understand it,” said Tony Mendoza, 34, of San Diego, CA. “It’s like a credit card that you can never pay off and the balance fluctuates constantly based […]

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Are you intelligent?

Reading Time: 4 minutes How do you know how intelligent you are? Is intelligence about amassing information or knowing what to do with the information you have? Is intelligence genetic, or can you learn it? How would you measure intelligence? Would you frame a series of questions you know you’ll smash because you have the necessary life experience to win? […]

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The five worst Irish accents in movie history

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many of the Best Actor nominations for the Oscars this Sunday are Irish. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate than an authoritative ranking of the five worst Irish accents in movie history? The Irish accent is consistently voted one of the most attractive in the world. But for […]

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Top five questions for presuppositionalists

Reading Time: 2 minutes Christians defend their belief in a number of ways. One of these is called “presuppositional apologetics”. Any attempt to discuss religion with these people in any conventional sense of the term is almost impossible. The upshot of their opinion is that only the existence of a god enables the logic and reason we all use. […]

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