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When abortion is a joke

Reading Time: 5 minutes My college folklore professor Alan Dundes, a scholar often credited with creating the modern field of folkloristics, was an energetic teacher and learner with both a love and an encyclopedic knowledge of the field. When he gave a lecture on “sick” jokes to a hall filled with hundreds of students, I was fascinated. Even though […]

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Our future

Reading Time: 3 minutes It happened just like they teach it in schools. It wasn’t even the plane crashes that did it. We were up to one a month, sometimes more. Not terrorism, just things breaking. Everyone kept voting for deregulation, and everyone else kept voting to keep those people in office. You’ve learned about voting in school already, […]

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Babes + booze 4ever: A review of “Girly Drinks” by Mallory O’Meara

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you hear the phrase “girly drinks,” what comes to mind? Probably pink drinks and cosmos, white wine, and sweet fruity stuff. But what if I told you these concoctions are a pretty recent development that actually reflects a centuries-long history of men trying to exclude women from developments in various important aspects of alcohol […]

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If you believe in sex differences, you’re probably sexist

Reading Time: 3 minutes If someone claims to see “sex differences”—apparently concrete and non-varying differences between men and women—I can be reasonably sure that they’re sexist, or that they benefit from sexism, which is basically the same thing. The whole notion of “sex difference” is somewhat outdated, along with “sex role” which we now call “gender role,” but the […]

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Soulmates? No. The person who changes your tire at 10pm in 10-degree weather? Yes.

Reading Time: 3 minutes As someone who studies non-monogamy and the messed-up gender norms in heterosexual relationships, I’ve never been super into the concept of soulmates. It sounds nice on paper, but I’m more interested in proof, like who has your back when the going gets tough. One of the main points I’ve made about non-monogamy in the past […]