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Excusing the inexcusable

Reading Time: 11 minutes Some moral questions are difficult. Some are shrouded in uncertainty. Some come into focus only with the passage of time. There are some on which reasonable people can disagree. Then there is slavery. Sadly, the horror of slavery still exists in 2022, both in practice and in its legacy. There are still thought to be […]

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What the heck do rabbit hutches have to do with size and danger of the universe?

Reading Time: 4 minutes So what the devil do rabbit hutches have to do with philosophical arguments against the existence of God, I hear you ask… Well, let me explain how these little houses built for pet rabbits may shed some unexpected light on whether an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving god exists. But, before we deal with the excitement of […]

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Does the Prodigal Son parable contradict Christian teaching?

Reading Time: 4 minutes I recently watched a YouTube video by Rabbi Tovia Singer that discussed how the “Prodigal Son” parable fundamentally conflicts with the Christian teaching of “Atonement,” which sparked my interest in this well-known parable. It appears that the famous parable is actually at odds with other core tenets of Christian teaching. In case you are not […]

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Religion as a predator

Reading Time: 4 minutes Analogies are often tenuous, stretched to the point of breaking. But they can also be useful in understanding phenomena and the world around us. Indeed, a stretched analogy is like silly putty. If you stretch it slowly, it will hold together and make sense. If you stretch it quickly, it will snap apart. That, there, […]

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Mass shootings in America: Why does the U.S. continue to do nothing?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hungerford, England, 1987. 16 people were killed by a lone gunman. The Conservative government introduced the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988, making registration mandatory for owning shotguns and banning semi-automatic and pump-action weapons. There was a huge firearm amnesty. Dunblane, Scotland, 1996. 16 children died in another rare UK shooting. The Conservative government passed a ban […]

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The poisoned church: When pastors use their pulpits to spread disinformation

Reading Time: 4 minutes As we see the world becoming victim to the effects of misinformation and disinformation of authoritarian political agents, it is worth remembering that this is also happening closer to home in our local churches. I was reading an article in Atlantic magazine last night about an Evangelical church in Brighton, Michigan (a state in which […]