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The global impact of the war in Ukraine

Reading Time: 5 minutes A war is like an earthquake: it can be devastating and its human toll can be tragic. It can occupy the airwaves and cyberspace, monopolizing the collective consciousness and conscience of the citizens of the world as they gaze sadly upon the ruins. But not every earthquake disturbs the tectonic plates enough to reshape them; […]

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‘Condolences and congratulations on the death of your son’: How a culture of martyrdom poisoned a nation

Reading Time: 11 minutes There was another wave of spikes in cases and deaths due to COVID-19. Was it the second one? The third? I cannot remember. But I do remember that the daily death numbers were in triple digits and that the map of Iran–my nation–was drenched in bloodlike crimson.  We were physically present in my place of […]

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Islam Q&A

Reading Time: 4 minutes I decided to ask my Facebook friends to ask me any questions they have about Islam, thinking the questions and answers would make a good blog post. Feel free to ask your own questions in the comments. I had done one of these about Iran before, this new one is about Islam. What are the […]