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Believing in evolution, but not too much

Reading Time: 10 minutes Moving on to Chapter 6 in his The Reason for God, Tim Keller takes on Richard Dawkins, who argues in The God Delusion that scientific literacy and religious belief are inversely related. The more a person understands modern science, Dawkins suggests, the less inclined he will be to accept the supernatural claims of any religion. To back this up, […]

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The evolution of Hell in The Reason for God

Reading Time: 9 minutes Growing up in an evangelical church I was taught that no matter what it is you want or need, God himself is the answer. You need comfort or security? God is where you get it. You want guidance or companionship? God is there for you. You need discipline? Affection? Wisdom? God, God, God. It reminds […]

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Whitewashing Christian history in The Reason for God

Reading Time: 15 minutes To hear Tim Keller talk, you’d think the Christian church was responsible for every progressive social step forward that Western civilization has taken. In order to support this idea, Keller turns in chapter four of The Reason for God to address the developments of the Abolition movement and of the Civil Rights movement in the United […]

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Straw skepticism and The Reason for God

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s difficult for me to take a book seriously when it misrepresents my own views as consistently as does Tim Keller‘s The Reason for God.  I am only on chapter three and already I’ve encountered enough straw men and red herrings to make me want to quit reading. The next chapter is the one that […]

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The problem of evil in The Reason for God

Reading Time: 12 minutes Christian theology has wrestled since its inception with the problem of evil. Generally speaking, they believe that God is a being who is completely good, who is everywhere present all the time, who has all power, and who knows everything that has ever happened and everything that ever will. In other words he is omniscient, […]

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Revisiting Tim Keller’s The Reason for God

Reading Time: 7 minutes I don’t really care for apologetics books. It’s a tedious chore to make it all the way through them, and interacting with them is exhausting because for every single word it takes to put forth a bad argument it takes ten to properly debunk it. But in every decade there seems to be a favorite […]

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You don’t belong on that cross

Reading Time: 7 minutes The American Church has been feeling the loss of their cultural relevance, and they’re not taking it very well. It offends them deeply. The last thing they needed was to lose the social privilege they’ve enjoyed for so many generations they have become convinced it’s just the way things are supposed to be. As they […]

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What’s so good about Good Friday?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Yesterday was “Good Friday,” and this time around I was struck with how Orwellian that sounds to someone on the outside of the Christian faith looking in. Strictly speaking, there never has been only one faith by that name, although when the weather is fair they do play nice enough to get along. But despite […]

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What Kind of Parent Would Your Faith Make?

Reading Time: 6 minutes We are not fallen angels but emerging beings. —Bishop Spong I’ve been trying for a while to boil down my chief objections to the faith of my youth, and I think I’ve settled on the metaphor that best sums it up. I’ve decided my greatest problem with the Christian faith isn’t its avoidance of responsibility […]

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God Is Not to Blame for This

Reading Time: 8 minutes A younger friend recently told me she knows a number of guy friends who don’t care much for female artists. “Any female artists?” I asked her. “Any,” she replied, as if there’s something fundamental to being female that makes one less capable of making good art. I found this difficult to absorb. How could anyone […]