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Try our streaming service, Commercial Palooza, that offers the best payment plans!

Reading Time: < 1 minute At Commercial Palooza, we know what you really want: more commercials and less programming. So, try one of our payment plans that aim to please, at ridiculously low rates!  $3.99/month This option features a solid hour-long block of commercials that has been conveniently placed right before and during that climactic scene where you’re supposed to […]

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The latest beauty trend is: Seasonal allergies

Reading Time: 2 minutes Daily, my fans bombard me with questions about my beauty routines and skincare secrets. So I’ll give you all the scoop. This rosy, dewy complexion you see? It’s not makeup. It’s seasonal allergies. My complexion is neither the result of Glossier, Charlotte Tilbury, nor Chanel. In fact, I owe my flawless skin, glowing visage, and […]

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Abiding by my own traffic rules

Reading Time: 3 minutes A major turning point in my life was the day I failed the road portion of my driving test. I can’t believe that my simple mistake—knocking over a cone—ruined my chances of earning a driver’s license. Sure, I also knocked over a pedestrian that I mistook for a cone, but I guess the DMV doesn’t […]

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Black Mirror episodes set in Disney’s new ‘Storyliving’ residential community

Reading Time: 3 minutes “The company announced Thursday that it plans to build residential communities all around the U.S. that will “cater to those looking to write [the] next chapter of their lives with Disney.” The project will be known as ‘Storyliving,’ a nod to the brand’s dedication to — and expansion on — storytelling.” – People, 2.17.22 “A […]