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Perseverance rover captures stunning Martian eclipse

Reading Time: 2 minutes NASA has released footage of the clearest solar eclipse by a Martian moon ever recorded. Captured by the Perseverance Mars rover, the 40-second recording shows Phobos, the largest of the two Martian moons, crossing between the rover location and the Sun. The eclipse—sometimes called a transit because the apparent size of Phobos is much smaller […]

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One world, one life: Meet OnlySky

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thirty years ago, one-sixteenth of Americans identified with no religion. Now it’s nearly a third. For Generation Z, it’s close to half. These are people who share many basic values about how to make the most of this one world and one life. But we are fragmented and disconnected and poorly defined, so our cultural […]

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Jack Bowen: This is Awe | TEDx

Reading Time: < 1 minute OnlySky columnist Jack Bowen thinks we’ve got it all wrong when it comes to what makes us happy. In his TEDx talk at Stanford University, the philosopher, drummer, and coach argues that awe should not result from the things that make us happy and grateful. It should instead be the starting point from which everything […]

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Why is US healthcare so expensive?

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s common knowledge that the US healthcare system is deeply broken. But this explainer video by Vox drills down on the details in one painful area: the outrageous difference in cost compared not only to other countries, but to other regions of the US—and even different providers in the same hospital.