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Looking for Barry Duke?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Looking for new content by Barry Duke? Of course you are. Barry has moved to a column under his own name. Make haste to his new page for recent posts about conservative censorship politicians behaving badly God and country music ‘Don’t say gay’ legislation in the US the conversion therapy bullet he barely dodged reproductive […]

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Survey shows that US atheists are overwhelmingly pro-vax

Reading Time: 3 minutes Shortly before Darwin Day 2021 (February 12) the Freedom From Religion Foundation and its Chicago chapter unveiled the striking billboard above in Chicago. At the time FFRF Co-President Dan Barker said that that science works and must be trusted during pandemics such as Covid. He added: It was a natural selection given the continuing pushback […]

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Virginia library’s festive holiday display sparks a devil of a row

Reading Time: 2 minutes A LIBRARY  in Fairfax County, Virginia, has been forced to remove a festive holiday reading display after local residents branded it “offensive” – even though it included a Bible. One angry prodnose, Stacy Langton, said “it’s so outrageously offensive” – then made sure that millions, who would never have seen the display, got to view […]

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Lunacy $10-million given to a church to open a drugs ‘rehab’ facility

Reading Time: 3 minutes WHAT does the Greater Hope International Church in Lumberton, North Carolina – headed by pastor Ron Barnes, above – know about treating people with drug problems? According to NC Health News, sweet bugger all: There’s no evidence on the six-year-old church’s website to suggest it has experience in treating addiction disorders, and the church failed […]

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Know your mythology before you mock it

Reading Time: 3 minutes Those words were barked at me down a crackly telephone line by Barbara Smoker, best described as Britain’s answer to Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Smoker, apart from being President of the UK’s National Secular Society, was also the proofreader for the now defunct print version of The Freethinker magazine, which I began editing almost 25 years […]