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Toppling Confederate monuments is only half the job. What replaces them?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Citizens in Charlottesville, Virginia, are giving input on what kind of public art ought to be created at a park where a massive statue once stood. Not just any statue. The monument glorifying Robert E. Lee. Not just any park, but the site of the infamous “Unite the Right” rally of white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and “alt-right” denizens […]

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When there’s nothing left to burn

Reading Time: 3 minutes Wynn Alan Bruce reached the point where he felt he had nothing left to burn. So he set himself on fire. Since learning of this man’s self-immolation on Earth Day, I can’t shake the mental picture of him sitting in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building, dying in unimaginable pain, his flesh consumed by […]

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Religion as the sole path to happiness? Not on your one and only life

Reading Time: 3 minutes A renewed line of pro-religion persuasion is leveraging people’s desire for happiness and religion’s purported ability to provide it. I suspect that with seculars it’s proving as effective as the many get-religion rhetorical gambits that have gone before it. Which is to say not effective. At all. A recent piece at the Big Think portal […]

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When you can’t face the news anymore

Reading Time: 4 minutes In with the new year came a problem that had never confronted me before. I could no longer face the news. My disdain was platform-agnostic. Twitter, Google News, email newsreels, online newspapers, news-oriented podcasts—I could scarcely tolerate the thought of spending a minute with any of them. Don’t worry. I had to, and did, overcome […]