'Reintegrative Therapy' and 'Sexual Attraction Fluidity Exploration in Therapy' are but two nonsensical terms used to disguise dangerous faith-based interventions

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When Denise Shick was nine, her daddy told her that he’d much prefer to be her mummy. He eventually transitioned and began living as a woman.

That experience apparently proved so emotionally damaging that Shick embarked on a mission to spare others from the “horrors” of homosexuality and transgenderism, writing back in 2019 that “accepting homosexuality led to accepting transgenderism and will likely lead to accepting pedophilia.”

She is now the director of two sister organizations that minister to “hurting people and their families” — Help4Families and Living Stones Ministries. Its mission statement is “creating opportunities for families impacted by sexual and relational brokenness to know God and thrive.”

Shick’s organizations, as well as a raft of others — 27 in total — are identified by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GHAHE) as hateful and dangerous.

In “Conversion Therapy Online: The Players” GHAHE points out that said players are desperately trying to find new terms for “conversion therapy” in an apparent attempt to stay in business at a time when a number of governments have moved, or are currently debating moves, to ban “gay cures.”

Conversion therapy never goes away, no matter the scandals, reports of its harms, official condemnations, or legislative bans. The movement, under new names and with new justifications and ‘therapies’, continually rebrands and resurfaces to carry on its demonization of LGBTQ+ people in a coordinated and international way.

Yesterday New Zealand’s Parliament passed a bill to ban the practice at its second reading, with now just seven MPs, all from the National Party, opposing.

Shick is furious that her two ministries made it to the list, and is blaming GHAHE for Facebook taking down her ministries’ pages “that helped people struggling with LGBT lifestyle.”

Writing for far-right LifeSite News, Shick — described as “deranged” on The Slowly Boiled Frog — said that, while freedom of speech in the USA is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution:

These days … our press corps, politicians, educators, and social media giants have amended the First Amendment. Now, it seems, we are only allowed to speak our mind if we agree with what they believe is true or acceptable or good. Hold a different view, and you will be labeled a white supremacist, a xenophobe, a misogynist, a violent extremist, a racist, and any other label they choose to hurl at you.

She suggested that GHAHE had actually endorsed her groups’ work, when it did not such thing. It simply quoted from the two ministries’ baloney.

Recently, in a report issued by globalextremism.org (GE), our ministries were labeled as hate/extremist groups, and consequently, Facebook took down both ministries’ pages.

The report acknowledges that we offer ‘safe places for individuals and families to openly share their grief and pain about homosexuality.’ If we are offering ‘safe places’ to ‘openly share,’ how is that hateful or extremist?

We offer opportunities for people to share their struggles without condemnation. That is the definition of love and acceptance. The GE report also states that we believe ‘homosexual tendencies [are] one of many disorders that beset fallen humanity’ and that ‘choosing to resolve these tendencies through homosexual behavior, taking on a homosexual identity, and involvement in the homosexual lifestyle is considered destructive … and sinful.’

After lamenting the fact that GHAHE failed to mention that “our stance on homosexuality and transgenderism reflects what God says in the Bible,” Shick concluded:

We cannot allow the press corps, politicians, educators, and social media giants to silence our voices. Although the Help4Families and Living Stones Ministries Facebook pages will no longer be available for our followers or supporters, we must continue to speak God’s truth about gender even as it becomes more difficult to do so. That is what we are committed to doing, and we will continue to do it through our website, our support groups, and print resources.

“Sexual Attraction Fluidity Exploration in Therapy,” according to GHAHE, is a term used by Core Issues Trust (CIT) “an explicitly Christian, Northern Ireland registered charity and a powerhouse in the promotion of conversion therapy.”

Image via YouTube Credit: YouTube

The group’s leader, Mike Davidson, above, describes himself as ex-gay, and claims homosexuality is a “cult” you aren’t allowed to leave. He is also the founder and chairman of the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counseling Choice, “which pushes these ideas internationally.”

In 2014, Davidson was stripped of his membership in the British Psychodrama Association because of his practices, and since then he has operated independently, “providing counseling for people with unwanted same-sex attractions.”

Also in 2014, Davidson and another CIT employee were expelled from the Association of Christian Counselors.

Nicolosi pictured speaking to Mike Davidson in a pro-conversion documentary called ‘Voices of the Silenced’. Image via YouTube.

Reintegrative Therapy, on the other hand, has its very own association, headed by Joseph Nicolosi Jr., son of Joseph Nicolosi, above. Nicolosi Sr’s wholly discredited methods are used by Mike Davidson, who was in awe of the late fraud, and interviewed him here.

When Nicolosi died aged 70 in 2017, The Southern Poverty Law Center quoted civil rights atttorney Sam Ames as saying on Twitter:

Joseph Nicolosi died the way he lived: in sadness. It’s a pain many of us know all too well. He managed to turn his into a multi-million dollar industry of self-hatred, from which the casualties are too many to count. There is no part of this story that is not heartbreaking.

After the Reintegrative Therapy Association (RTA) was exposed by GHAHE, Fox Business reported that YouTube has deleted the organization for hate speech.

Nicolosi Jr responded to the ban by claiming that “Big Tech promotes many scientifically incorrect videos about gender issues,” referring to pro-transgender content.

By silencing scientific evidence they don’t like, they effectively shape the public conversation about the science of sexuality and gender. In the name of ‘anti-bullying’ and ‘stopping medical misinformation,’ they themselves have become the real bullies, and in doing so, mislead the very people they say they’re trying to protect — individuals who struggle with trauma and their sexuality.

• Last month I wrote a piece detailing my own experience with conversion therapy.

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