At the start of his rally in Selma, North Carolina, the former president claimed that more than 15,000 supporters turned out to support him. In reality it was between 1,000 and 2,000

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According to The Washington Post’s Fact Checker database, twice-impeached Donald made 30,573 false or misleading claims during his presidency, so it’s little wonder that, according to Yahoo!, “there were ripples of laughter from his supporters” as he spoke of his honesty.

Speaking at a venue called The Farm, Trump opened his “Save America” rally by saying that there were 15,000, “maybe more” in the crowd, but according to this report, “there were about 1,000 to 2,000 people in attendance.”

Trump told those in the audience:

I’ve got to be the cleanest sheriff. I think I’m the most honest human being, perhaps, that God ever created. I’ve been investigated by the Democrats more than Billy the Kid, Jessie James, and Al Capone combined.

Newsweek adds that Trump told a story about an anonymous friend who supposedly told the former president how he had been squeaky clean during his administration.

Trump said that friend had told him he was “the cleanest on Earth” after multiple investigations, including two impeachments and the ongoing January 6 (2021) trials and investigations.

During his time as president, Trump also promoted 24 conspiracy theories,

Trump hosted a rally at the same venue in 2016, just before the November election, and nearly 15,000 attended then.

Commenting beneath the Newsweek report, “AmericanPatriot” said:

Trump did a GREAT JOB as President, here’s a list of his many accomplishments part #2:

• Trump terminated American patriot and hero Richard Spencer for trying to uphold the rule of law.

• Bailed out of Syria essentially assassinating the Kurds and handing over our military bases to his boss Vladimir Putin.

• Wasted millions of our dollars on a self-aggrandizing 4th of July parade.

• Trump started a trade war with China that cost Americans well over $28 billion in bailouts for giant International corporations!

• Trump took Healthcare away from millions of Americans in the middle of a pandemic. 

• Trump gave Ultra Rich bankers, giant International corporations and wall street billionaires a fantastic tax break while the American middle class got bent over with a huge tax increase.

• Trump’s incomplete wall is already falling down, Mexico is still laughing.

• Trump still never released his tax returns even though he promised no less than five times to do so in front of national TV cameras.

• Trump locked up tens of thousands of children in concentration camps.

• Made Russia stronger than ever while Putin was laughing at the United States.

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