The legal eagles representing the Christian Legal Society and Alliance Defending Freedom want Americans to pray that judges "do the job that God has called them to do."

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Christian Legal Society CEO David Nammo and Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Gregory S. Baylor have suggested that US judges are “being sucked into the deep polarization and tribalism that’s plaguing our culture right now.”

According to Christianity Daily, both aired their views during an online event hosted by MyFaithVotes.org to mark America’s 70th National Day of Prayer, which took place on May 5.

The pair noted that some tenets of the Christian faith have grown unpopular through the past years and are affecting today’s culture today, which may cause Gospel preaching to be labeled as “hate speech” in the near future.

They hoped that the Supreme Court would stand by the Constitution and not culture’s changing views, and emphasized how the Supreme Court Justices need prayer as much as politicians do.

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Nammo, above, urged Christians to pray for judges, especially during a time when culture has increasingly become more hostile to the Gospel. He noted that pastors must understand that “preaching the gospel may one day become hate speech in this country.”

He believes that instead of being ostracized and labeled as “hate speech,” Gospel teaching must be done “without fear, without worry.”

We should do all we can to fight for the rights and the freedoms that are guaranteed to us in the Constitution, and to push back on a government that is by the people.

He added that pastors must not be “afraid” but acknowledge the hostility in today’s culture when it comes to Christian faith.

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Baylor, above, suggested that Christians should specifically pray that the judges won’t “get kind of sucked into the deep polarization and tribalism that’s plaguing our culture right now.” He explained that judges must not see themselves as part of “one tribe or another” with opposing views. Instead, he urged that Christians pray that the judges “do the job that God has called them to do.”

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