Tennessee pastor Greg Locke, who made headlines after identifying "demonic" worshipers his Global Vision Bible Church, says he's now being targeted by"evil forces."

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The depraved Greg Locke has been on my radar since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when he first started breaking lockdown restrictions and behaving like a thug. In 2020, in a row after face masks, he threatened to kick the teeth of a Dunkin’ Donut employee down his throat.

At the time he called masks “idols” that have been used to divide the church.

These don’t do anything whatsoever. They are the dumbest thing to have ever been created by humanity. They are scientifically proven to do Jack sprat! But I’ll tell you, religiously what they’ve done, they’ve divided the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. These things are so dumb.

Since then his antics, including a book burning stunt earlier this year, have rarely been out of the limelight. Most recently, OnlySky’s Hemant Mehta wrote about Locke’s identification of six “witches” in his congregation in this report and on YouTube.

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Now the hate preacher is complaining about being engulfed by…waves of hatred

According to Christianity Daily, Locke revealed in a Facebook video that he is receiving death threats and even demonic items from witches, one of whom “has promised to slice my throat and to kill me.”

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He disclosed that witches are even sending him glitter bombs. Ouch!

Everybody’s mad about the thing I said about calling out witches. They’re real… They’re not hiding the fact that they’re real. Is it the church is too unbiblical and ignorant to recognize witchcraft, sorcery and spells and curses when they see them?

Further, he unveiled that his haters are also harassing the staff of Dunkin Donuts, where he regularly buys his coffee (and, let’s not forget, threatens staff) and are trying to get him barred from the premises.

With a total absence of self-awareness, Locke said that these people should “stop acting like grown-up babies.”

He insisted pointing out that he will never stop calling out the works of the enemy.

We’re not gonna apologize and back down from that. I just thought it was so unbelievable … I don’t care if the whole world hates me. If telling the truth is dangerous, then I’ll be dangerous. If telling the truth makes me hated, then I’ll be hated… Jesus said they’re gonna hate you because they first hated Him.

Towards the end of his broadcast, Locke called out “lukewarm Christians” and stressed that “love tells the truth.”

We’ll take all the hate. We’ll take all the death threats … We will be misunderstood. I love people enough to be hated by everybody.

He informed his social media followers that an event in Illinois, where he was scheduled to attend, got canceled due to the huge amount of threats the host church was receiving.

He then apologized and advised the churches to “seriously think” before inviting him to their events.

Lunacy is no barrier to riches. Locke is reportedly worth an estimated $129 million. His wealth comes from a variety of sources.

Besides being a pastor, Locke also travels the world and holds speaking arrangements in college campuses, religious workshops, and seminars.

Additionally, he has a line of women’s and men’s apparel and drinks shakers, which cost anywhere from $17.76 to $29.99.

Furthermore, Pastor Greg has published two bestselling books—This Means War: We Will Not Surrender Through Silence and Weapons of Our Warfare: Unleashing the Power of the Armor of God.

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