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Harrumph. Here’s my sermon for today.

When God made the Universe, and all the stuff in it,

It took him five days, according to book of Genesis in the Bible.

Now some people think those were regular days,

Like the ones that you and I spend.

Others say no, those were very long days.

Maybe they were million-year days.

Could they have been billion-year days?

The Bible’s not clear. It just doesn’t say.

The earliest evidence of life goes back over 4 billion years.

That is “only” 500 million years after the earth was formed…er…created.

They were just tiny microorganisms, but they were alive.

Then came the eukaryotes about 1.8 billion years ago.

But the Cambrian “explosion,” is when it all happened,

And that was only about 500 million years ago.

So, if life was here 4 billion years ago, and the earth was here before that…

But most of the other living stuff showed up 500 million years ago,

Then the five days that He made everything lasted almost 5 billion years.

I know how that must feel.  Some days seem to last forever.

God must have been really tired and needed a long rest after that.

Maybe that is why He hasn’t showed his face since then.

He is just getting started on those 2 billion-year-days of rest

It’s gonna be a long time before he wakes up.

I don’t think we hafta worry about the Apocalypse.

It can’t happen until God wakes up.

We have a coupla billion years before that happens.

(I thought maybe after all the gloomy stuff we have been reading lately, a little comic relief was called for.)