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The past four years have been a real eye-opener for me, and I suspect the same is true for many people in this country, regardless of their political party. The election of Trump was a shock, but I thought, okay, people were misled. They were duped by his lies about “draining the swamp,” when his plan was to fill it with alligators. When they see what he is doing, they will change their minds. Didn’t happen, and if it hadn’t been for the virus, he would probably have been re-elected.

And then, he tried and tried to overthrow the election, bullying and badgering state election officials, filing a torrent of unsuccessful lawsuits. And finally, he incited an armed insurrection. That should do it, I thought. Now, people can’t help but see what he has done, and how dangerous he is. Didn’t happen. Most of those 74 million people who voted for him are still loyal supporters. Even after they have seen the videos of him inciting the crowds. The evidence is overwhelming. How can people still support him?

As I said, a real eye-opener. I no longer trust a large segment of our population to be honest or rational. I am still not sure our nation will survive this ongoing crisis. President Biden has been inaugurated and is doing what a President should do, instead of spending his time on Twitter making outrageous claims and spewing streams of lies. But most of those 74 million people still claim that the election was stolen. Can a democratic government continue to operate when voters are irrational?

Maybe, when he is convicted of crimes, they will change their minds. Nah, I doubt it. They would just claim that the courts are corrupt. I watched a Right Wing TV program yesterday. A distinguished looking guy was looking straight into the camera and denouncing the ongoing investigations and subpoenas that Trump is trying to dodge, calling them “witch hunts,” (I wonder where he learned that phrase) and claiming they are politically motivated. So what, I thought. Whether they are politically motivated or not, if he’s guilty of tax evasion or other fraudulent actions, he’s guilty, and political motivation is irrelevant.

Yesterday the Supreme Court slam dunked Trump’s petition to quash the subpoenas. Yes, the Court that Trump packed with right-wing justices that he was sure would throw out his second impeachment and install him as President. They didn’t. And they said the subpoenas are legal.

And then, I had a daunting thought: If those investigations find criminal actions by Trump, and then he is prosecuted, it goes to court. Last year, on April 20, 2020, the Supreme Court tried a case, Ramos vs. Louisiana. They overturned a conviction based on a 10-2 jury vote, finding that all criminal cases require a unanimous verdict by the jury to convict. Now think about that. The defense only has to seat one Trumpie in the jury. Their jury panel will be carefully coached to conceal their Trumpie bias. So, the defense just keeps nominating jurors until the prosecution runs out of peremptory challenges, and then they seat a Trumpie. Case over. Everybody might as well go home at that point. Any one of those seventy-four million people would gladly cast the sole dissenting vote to acquit Trump, regardless of facts or evidence.

I do not see a way around it. Trump will not be convicted of anything.

That’s a real eye-opener. From this point on, a jury trial of a political leader is a waste of time, and an exercise in futility.

This is how democracy and the rule of law are defeated.