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Front page article in the LA Times today:

“Obamacare replacement hits Trump voters hard.”[i]

Lower income, elderly voters in rural red states would be the hardest hit. In particular, 60-year-olds making as little as $30K will lose more than $6K/year in subsidies that they received under Obamacare. Most of those folks voted for Trump.

But here’s the hilarious part: Higher income younger people in urban areas that mostly voted for Clinton will get more financial help with Trumpcare. Of course, the wealthy will make out like bandits with huge tax cuts. That should really piss off a lot of those blue-collar Trumpies, shouldn’t it?

Don’t be so sure. Nobody likes to admit they were played for a fool and swallowed the lies of a fast-talking billionaire. Here’s another article titled:

“Most of rural white America will stick with Trump until the last dog dies.”[ii]

The final paragraph says it all:

“Most of them will desperately cling to Trump as their forlorn hope for an America run by straight, white conservative men. In their America, gays, lesbians and transgender folks stay in the closet, “race mixing” is anathema, minorities “know their place” and women are homemakers and doting “helpmeets” to their menfolk and old-fashioned hate speech vanquishes “political correctness.”

Most of those folks will probably stick with Trump, no matter how much it hurts.




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