After Marjorie Taylor Greene's calls for Christian nationalism, some Christian groups have begun distancing themselves from her.

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Several Christian groups have distanced themselves from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) after her call to support of Christian Nationalism. Greene said that Americans should be “Christian nationalists” and that the church had a role to play in government.

Among those leading the opposition to the Christian nationalism are the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, who founded the group Christians Against Christian Nationalism, and Scot McKnight, Professor of New Testament and author. The Christian group Faithful America launched a petition condemning Greene’s calls for Christian nationalism. The petition garnered over 10,000 signatures, indicating that there are Christians who oppose Greene’s views on religion in politics.

Still, other Christian groups have come to Greene’s defense, or have at least been willing to blur the lines. The Gospel Coalition, a fellowship of evangelical churches in the Reformed tradition, critiqued Christian nationalism, but offered up a defense of Christian patriotism. Christian patriotism is a concept that still blurs the line separating church and state. Other evangelical outlets that appear to be adopting a similar tactics, including Christianity Today, the flagship evangelical magazine founded by Billy Graham, and the young adult Christian magazine Relevant.

“Greene, who is no stranger to alternative facts, is one of the few Republican elected officials willing to say out loud what critics have been warning about for the past six years: The conservative evangelical agenda that has taken over the Republican Party is, in fact, white Christian nationalism,” said Mark Wingfield of Baptist News Global.

While Greene’s personal Twitter account was terminated, her congressional Twitter account remains active where she continues to tweet tweet her support for Christian Nationalism

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