OnlySky has been acquired by American Atheists, and this column will be on hold for a couple of months.

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Did you hear the news? “American Atheists Announces Acquisition of OnlySky Media.” The message from OnlySky’s side of the partnership: “OnlySky announces partnership with American Atheists.”

Staff from American Atheists and OnlySky need some time to figure out the details of this new arrangement, and the new ’n improved OnlySky will reboot later this year. Starting May 1, you’ll see a little activity at OnlySky, but this column will be inactive.

This is my last article for now. Old articles will still be available, and you can add new comments, at least through the end of the month. There will be updates at onlysky.media through this process, and, if OnlySky has your email address, presumably by email as well.

WordPress tells me that this will be post #1700. Post #1 was almost twelve years ago! It’s nice to have a round number like that before going on vacation.

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