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Bart Ehrman has been blogging about early Christianity for eight years, five posts a week. He’s written six New York Times bestsellers and dozens more books, both for academic and general audiences. I think his textbook (seventh edition) is the bestseller in its category. And he’s a tenured professor, and he’s an agnostic atheist.

I can’t even match him on blog word count, so I’ll stop looking for accolades.

His blog is worth reading for anyone, atheist or Christian, who wants to get into scholarly details of how Christianity came to be and how we know. Unlike most blogs, it isn’t free. Anyone can see some of the content, but it’s $25 per year to see all of it. The money, 100 percent, goes to charities that fight hunger and homelessness. So far, that’s been a remarkable $700,000. I’ve subscribed for a few years, and there’s fascinating stuff in there that I haven’t found anywhere else.

But at the moment, it’s free. In response to the pandemic, anyone who signs up in April or May gets two months free. Sign up, kick the tires, and see if you like it. Here’s Bart’s introduction to the new offer, and here’s where you register.

What the heart loves,
the will chooses,
and the mind justifies
— Thomas Cranmer,
Archbishop of Canterbury (1489 – 1556)


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