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God wants everyone to have one mommy and one daddy… according to a new children’s book that masks anti-gay preaching as wholesome literature.

God Made Dad & Mom, written by Amber Dee Parker and illustrated by Hannah Segura, is the story of a little boy named Michael who learns through prayer what real families are all about. Real families, apparently, can only consist of two different-sex parents, because that’s what God wants.
According to The Advocate:

“Michael prays for his classmate Jimmy and his two dads to learn “the truth” about how God made them after a trip to the zoo where he’s told all animal families “consist of a male, a female, and their offspring.”

What a great lesson! But don’t be fooled — Jimmy knows that God only feels this way because he loves Jimmy’s gay dads and wants to show them the truth. (The truth being that their homosexuality is a sin, obviously…)

An excerpt from ‘God Made Dad & Mom’

The book is endorsed by the anti-gay American Family Association, whose president Tim Wildmonhas said that gays are vile and unnatural, that they brainwash children, and that they make him want to throw up.
In case you’re not cringing yet, watch the all-too-uncomfortable trailer for the book featuring its author:
It pains me to think parents are teaching their children this vitriol from such a young age. This doesn’t do anything except to ensure kids will be closed-minded and bigoted before even meeting any people who are different from them. And never mind that some of the kids reading this book will one day realize they themselves are gay and this certainly won’t help their self-esteem. But the author and the endorsers don’t care about any of that. Somehow, they’ve produced a children’s book that says there’s something wrong with a pair of kind and loving parents.
As usual, nothing good can come from this kind of evangelizing, even if it’s presented in the form of an interracial cartoon couple. Nice try, though.