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The secular scribe: Zora Neale Hurston

Reading Time: 2 minutes Zora Neale Hurston’s literary works have stood the test of time. Well-known essays such as “How It Feels to Be Colored Me,” “High John de Conquer,” and “What White Publishers Won’t Print” feel especially relevant today in an America that has continued its high-profile reckoning on racial justice issues. Many of her themes rest on […]

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Metaxas beats a very live horse in ‘Is Atheism Dead?’

Reading Time: 5 minutes Conservative Christian writer Eric Metaxas’ self-serving exercise in apologetics—Is Atheism Dead? (2021)—begins with this florid flourish of biblical triumphalism in his introduction: “We are living in unprecedentedly exciting times. But most of us don’t know it yet. That’s essentially the point of this book, to share the news that what many people have dreamt of—and […]

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Censorship and book-burning, American style

Reading Time: 9 minutes The war on literature currently being waged in parts of America—Texas stands out as the epicenter of the backward march to a period when the Roman Catholic Church had deployed its enormous power to ban manuscripts and books—prompted me to delve into the history of free speech and the efforts that are made to curtail […]

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Glycon: Better know a deity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Paradoxically, if all the gods are made up then perhaps the best choice is Glycon, who is demonstrably so. Glycon is entirely made up Basically, Glycon sprang into being when a cult leader named Alexander convinced his followers that a hand-puppet was the reincarnation of a Greek god of medicine. That may sound very silly, […]

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What book changed your life or worldview?

Reading Time: 6 minutes The title caught my eye between blurs of harried travelers: Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers. Sacrilege! I thought. Mustn’t look. But the red and gold cover tempted me like the devil himself. Loudspeakers announced flight numbers in monotone stability while my heart committed vertigo. I stepped closer to the display table. Blasphemy! I […]