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Parable of the humanist sowers

Reading Time: 10 minutes Most of the Christians I know are better than their Christ—at least, as he’s described in The New Testament. They would never be as cruel as Christ with the Canaanite woman; never suggest that a person would be better off murdered before they could draw believers away; never talk about an imminent judgment day in […]

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Let’s talk humanist science fiction: An interview with writer Ray Nayler

Reading Time: 15 minutes In North American literature, strict boundaries are often propped up between fiction and nonfiction, along with “literary” and “genre” prose. These are useful for commercial purposes, but out of step with our history. Speculative fiction might even be considered our oldest literary form: a realm of play and exploration, and a way of reaching deeper […]

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A fable about American cops

Reading Time: 2 minutes For a long time, the sheep (especially the black ones) and the lambs were vulnerable as prey. Wolves menaced them almost every day. Sometimes the wolves would ravage them for no other reason than hatred. And other times the wolves would invent trumped-up offenses by the sheep and lambs and attack them on flimsy causes. […]

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Faith with a smile

Reading Time: 2 minutes Guest post by Bert Bigelow, a long-time contributor to A Tippling Philosopher.  Sometimes dreams can be quite entertaining. Here is one I had recently. I was shopping for veggies at a local farmer’s market, and I noticed a guy who was watching me closely. In fact, he was staring at me. Now, I am not […]

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A conversation with God

Reading Time: 4 minutes My jogging companion didn’t show up yesterday. He was suffering from muscle spasms in his back, and decided to take the day off. So, I was on my own for the daily five-mile walk. It was a gorgeous day…sunny, light breeze, a few wispy clouds, about 70 degrees. Just right to wear a sweatshirt and […]

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