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‘Flee’: A warning of things to come

Reading Time: 6 minutes I have been evacuated from a country twice in my life. The first time, and by my estimation the worst, was following the assassination of a number of American diplomats. I won’t disclose all the details, but they were traveling in an armored car that was ambushed outside of an American embassy. My friend’s father […]

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Review: A dead-end “Nightmare Alley”

Reading Time: 4 minutes I spent a good deal of Nightmare Alley’s interminable 150 minutes thinking about unproduced Guillermo del Toro projects (a list so long it has its own Wikipedia page). At a glance, a period noir about carnival grifters seems squarely in del Toro’s wheelhouse. Maybe that’s the problem. Partly it’s the assemblage of auteur quirks on […]

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Groundhog Day According to Rita

Reading Time: 7 minutes Groundhog Day has become like a personal religious holiday for me. Around this time every year, I break out my well-worn copy of the Bill Murray classic by the same name and watch it again to relive my most consistent fantasy: Going back in time to undo the mistakes of the past and learn from […]