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Groundhog Day: Finding Purpose Even If There’s No Tomorrow

Reading Time: 6 minutes February 2nd is upon us, which means it’s time once again to talk about one of my favorite movies of all time: Groundhog Day. Few movies have stimulated as much philosophical and theological debate as this one has.  There’s so much that could be said—and already has been said—about this movie.  About a decade after the movie’s release, […]

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Big Fish and the Resurrection of Jesus

Reading Time: 8 minutes Last weekend, people all over the world celebrated Easter, a holiday which reminds us that we are all so very bad that a man had to be tortured and killed in our place…because apparently that’s what we deserved.  Never mind if you think torture is wrong, or that the death penalty should be reserved for cop […]

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Chocolat and the Impotence of Religion

Reading Time: 6 minutes If people behave well because they fear punishment, is it really accurate to say they are “good people?” I ask this because it comes up a lot for atheists like myself.  When people learn I don’t believe in spirits, gods, or afterlives, the first question I tend to get is, “Well, what’s to stop you from […]

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God does exist

Reading Time: 5 minutes A couple of summers ago I spent entirely too much time in online discussion groups arguing with people about whether or not gods exist. I say “gods” because there were several being debated. Of course, where I live, everyone safely assumes that only one particular deity is even on the table for discussion. But the […]

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Parables of belief: A Beautiful Mind, Watchmen, and Castaway

Reading Time: 11 minutes Just because I self-identify as an atheist doesn’t mean I consider opposing all forms of religion a worthwhile use of my time. For me it depends on which species of religion we’re discussing. Personally, I’ve come to oppose Fundamentalism (Christian or otherwise) because I see it doing real harm in people’s lives.   Sometimes you’ll notice I also lump […]

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My Life in Movies: Groundhog Day

Reading Time: 10 minutes In honor of the late Harold Ramis, the next movie to illustrate my deconversion has to be Groundhog Day.  It’s one of my favorite movies of all time, as I know it is for many others, and few movies have stimulated as much philosophical and theological debate.  There’s so much that could be said—and already […]