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If Christianity’s Worldview Actually Matched Reality

Reading Time: 10 minutes Many Christian soulwinners ask their targets to perform rituals like prayer in the hopes that their targets will experience something sublime while doing it. However, they face sharp limits to the usefulness of experience as a selling tool, namely because their religion describes a world to us that doesn’t match reality. I’ll show you what I mean today–by comparing Christianity’s worldview to the fictional world of Elfquest.

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The Ambot Who Loved Me: Contexts and Beliefs

Reading Time: 11 minutes We’ve been talking lately about multi-level marketing schemes (MLMs) and their similarity to the worst end of Christianity. I even noticed a few people in comments talking about how recognizing that similarity helped them escape the religion itself. Much the same thing happened reto me. Today, let me show you how an MLM shill for […]

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The Worst Video Game I Ever Played (Is Not E.T.)

Reading Time: 11 minutes Lately, I’ve been thinking about good–and bad–video games from years past. Inevitably, these thoughts turn to the worst video game I’ve ever played. Weirdly, that game was not E.T. Join me for a dive into absolutely terrible 1980s video games–and modern riffs on an nostalgic theme, like Ready Player One.

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Christians Aren’t Ready Yet to Fix Their Slump

Reading Time: 10 minutes Christians are losing people fast, and along with members they’re losing shocking amounts of credibility and influence. Some of them have finally begun to accept that their various groups are in a serious slump–years after anyone with half a clue could have told them they were. But they’re still not ready to engage with why the slump is happening, much less to start working out what they should do about it. Here’s what they think is going on–and what is actually going on.