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Soulmate Meter 3000 Wearable Tech – LiD Resurrected

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Soulmate Meter 3000 is the newest piece of wearable tech from Luvbit Inc. While other companies focus on developing wrist watches that double as personal trainers for the physical body, Luvbit has combed the planet for top homeopathic researchers. Vedic brahmin and Taoist priests have combined forces and concentrated the latest soulmate research into a […]

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Boy Scouts Introduce Christian Nationalism Badge – LiD Resurrected

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Executive Committee of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is introducing the Christian Nationalism badge which celebrates the wall that surrounds and protects the intermingling of church and state. The badge takes its place in the Religious Emblems Programs which celebrates a scout’s dedication to whatever faith his parent adheres to. Up  until now […]

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Every Child Needs Jesus Law Passed In Oklahoma – LiD Resurrected

Reading Time: 2 minutes Oklahoma City Last night Governor Andrew Kannard signed bill 10A-1-4-72, commonly referred to as the “Every Child Needs Jesus” bill, into law. Both legislative houses overwhelmingly voted for the bill earlier in the day, and Governor Kannard rushed to put the people’s — as well as God’s — will into action. The new law is seen as […]

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Is A Christian Diet Healthy For Kids?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Concerned parents often wonder whether or not today’s diet of fast food, sugary cereals, and soda are good for child development. The answer is a resounding No! Biblical wisdom can inform parental  choices on what to feed little Jack or adorable Jill. Traditional Christian  food will supply nourishment for the body and soul. Breastfeeding Breasts are […]

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Republican And White Gerrymandered Districts Fear For Their Lives

Reading Time: 2 minutes Republican America – #WhiteDistrictsMatter is a campaign slogan that is increasingly popular among predominantly white gerrymandered districts in Republican America. With the recent setbacks in Republican-sponsored voter ID laws, white gerrymandered districts are fearing that they are facing an extinction event of dinosaur-like proportions. “It’s  against my deeply held beliefs that macroevolution can occur and every […]

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Satanists Demand Biblical Bathrooms In Christian County, Kentucky

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hopkinsville, Kentucky – The Satanic Temple is celebrating a victory in Christian County, Kentucky by convincing the county to pass County Ordinance 01-35, otherwise known as the Biblical Bathrooms Law. The statute will make any business that is following the wave of socially conservative toilet regulations to follow the letter of the Bible regarding bathrooms. “The greatest […]

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Blood Donations Subject To Religious Freedom Laws

Reading Time: 2 minutes Indianapolis, Indiana – A federal judge ruled earlier this week that those giving blood have control over who can and cannot use their donation based on deeply held religious beliefs. This will allow individuals giving the gift of life to discriminate against those who need blood based on sexual preference, religion, and race. “Today is […]