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Study: Atheism Provides No Protection From Being An Asshole

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new study from the University of Blefuscu has conclusively shown that being an atheist offers zero (0%) protection from being a complete raging asshole. The research team followed a group of 23,458 self-reported atheists over a five-year span. Copious amounts of raw data was collected such as: the subjects’ tipping habits, how many times they […]

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15 Year Old Is Converting For All The Right Reasons

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fifteen year old Barry Damon is converting to whatever religion his soon-to-be girlfriend Marilyn Shaw is.  Barry told reporters that his Southern Baptist faith is secondary to “the deep personal connection” he has to the girl he sits next to in Algebra class. Even though he hasn’t talked to Marilyn, the bass fishing enthusiast can […]