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One-and-a-half cheers for depopulation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Although we can’t predict the future in detail, there are large-scale trends that make me hopeful. The blossoming of renewable energy is one of these. Let’s discuss another. Overpopulation is a common fear among those who predict catastrophe. They point to the exponential growth of humanity in the 20th century, from 1.6 billion people to […]

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WV school district finally settles case involving Bible indoctrination classes

Reading Time: 5 minutes A West Virginia school district has finally paid up for decades of Christian indoctrination, putting an end to a five-year legal battle waged by a courageous student who faced considerable harassment over her “Bible in the Schools” class. All of this occurred in the Mercer County Schools, which offered “elective” Bible courses at the elementary […]

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Uterus 101: On menstruation, miscarriage, and mifepristone

Reading Time: 10 minutes When my Grade 5 class went through Ontario’s reproductive health curriculum in the mid-1990s, the boys and girls were separated, and received remarkably different lessons. Along with the basics of our changing bodies, I and the girls were shown how to use condoms through a banana demonstration, and told how important protection would be when […]