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Research: Child sex abuse is not more common among priests

Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ll admit that I once suspected that there was something uniquely and inherently debased about Catholic clerics—a bias that only hardened as the avalanche of priestly pedophilia scandals crashed in wave after horrifying wave across the planet during the past few decades. But solely scapegoating priests is demonstrably unwarranted. Research indicates that priests, monks, and […]

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Supreme Court picks religious case, passes on solitary confinement

Reading Time: 5 minutes There’s almost too much to choose from when attempting to sum up recent US strife: On Thursday, Missouri’s Attorney General bypassed sitting representatives to launch the most prohibitive ban on gender-affirming care yet, which would effectively deny treatment to adults and children alike. Judge Samuel Alito issued a short-term stay on a Texas judge’s revocation […]

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Who’s the worse fraud, Trump or Madoff?

Reading Time: 3 minutes As Donald Trump braces for his historic “perp walk” in Manhattan’s courthouse Tuesday amid a flurry of security preparations and supporters’ melodramatic claims that his indictment for business-fraud-related charges is all a big nothingburger, an important question remains: How much does this indictment matter? The president’s always-fervent supporters—along with not a few never-Trumpers and even […]

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NXIVM: Why are we so endlessly in thrall to deadly cults?

Reading Time: 6 minutes They’re all of one twisted mind. Donald Trump. Scientology. People’s Temple. Branch Davidians. Heaven’s Gate. NXIVM. Every personality cult that ever existed. They all weaponize charisma, weaponize it ruthlessly against innocent people’s often fragile, vulnerable, gullible psyches. Without remorse. ‘The Vow’: A disquieting plunge into the abyss I reacquainted myself with the dangerous, routinely tragic […]

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