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Religious liberty and critical religious education: What Justice Alito got right and wrong

Reading Time: 4 minutes Religious liberty is important, but so too is critical education about religion. I’ve spent much of my career making this point, including in a comment on the Supreme Court’s recent ruling about religious liberty. So, I was curious to read what Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito suggested about religious liberty when he spoke at an […]

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Public libraries face new attacks from conservative Christians

Reading Time: 4 minutes A few stories about conservative Christians coming after public libraries: Voters in Jamestown Township, Michigan chose to defund the library, depriving it of 84% of its 2023 budget. Unless that decision is reversed, the Patmos Library will be forced to shut down sometime next year. The reason the vote failed? Because conservative Christians in the […]

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Kansas school board upholds anti-‘Satanism’ dress code

Reading Time: 5 minutes Two weeks after initially signaling that they would revise their dress code to remove a discriminatory ban on “Satanism,” the Hays USD 489 Board of Education in Kansas has unfortunately chosen to leave the ban in place. The issue surrounds the dress code in the district’s middle and elementary school handbooks. (The high school doesn’t […]

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Why letting veterans teach without degrees is a bad idea

Reading Time: 2 minutes As reported in MilitaryTimes on Tuesday, Florida’s Department of Education announced that in an attempt to fill 9,000 teaching vacancies, veterans can now receive a five-year voucher to teach without a degree. This is part of Florida’s statewide expanded career and workforce opportunities for military veterans that is budgeted at $8.6 million. These vouchers would […]