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High School Atheist to Be Honored

Reading Time: < 1 minute Dawn Sherman (daughter of Rob Sherman) is about to receive a fantastic honor: In the spirit of courageous advocacy of freedom of speech, the John Peter Altgeld Award will be presented to Dawn Sherman, a student who challenged her high school’s implementation of the Illinois Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act. Her initial lawsuit resulted […]

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is nothing sacred?

Reading Time: 5 minutes ‘Body Of Christ’ Snatched From Church, Held Hostage By UCF Student I smiled. I just love The Onion. Then I realized this was an actual news headline about an actual event. On Earth. I hadn’t planned on writing about this. I’m trying to maintain a semblance of focus in this blog. But then the student’s […]

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Christian Right (For Kids!)

Reading Time: 2 minutes You’ve seen those studies which show how Generation Next (ages 18-25) is becoming less religious, more tolerant, and less Republican? Some students in Connecticut are disturbed by that. They want to buck the trend. They are the next generation of the Christian Right: Like its parent organization, the youth group — known as iFIC [Family […]

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Violations of Church and School

Reading Time: < 1 minute Microbiologychick went to a public school but remembers a number of church/state violations from her childhood: In Jr. High, a few teachers gave extra credit for attending talks at churches or other large-scale religious activities that had no educational component … On a Jr. High school-sponsored Spring Break trip, prayer happened before meals on several […]

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Thoughts for Atheists at Graduation

Reading Time: 4 minutes The following piece was written by Edwin Kagin for American Atheists Magazine (May/June 2008). Edwin serves as both the National Legal Director for American Atheists as well as the Kentucky State Director for AA. (I broke the piece up into several paragraphs for slightly easier reading — the original consisted of two long ones.) Good […]

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Moment of Silence Irony in Action

Reading Time: 2 minutes Illinois schools used to allow teachers to observe a moment of silence if they chose. Not many teachers did this. Probably because it’s just a waste of time. State Senator Kimberly Lightford didn’t like the idea of teachers deciding what’s best for their classrooms, so she sponsored a bill to make the moment of silence […]

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High School Freethought Groups

Reading Time: 2 minutes High school freethought groups are so important in helping young people develop their skills in critical thinking. It’s one of the first places you can openly talk to other people about your atheism. It’s also tougher than starting a group in college, when you’re likely to have a few more like-minded people around you. Lucia […]