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Bob Dobalena’s 10 steps for college success

Reading Time: 4 minutes Bob Dobalena is a guy I met in college days. He graduated summa cum laude. That’s an A average after 120 hours of classes. Every term during his four years at university, Bob circulated a pamphlet of his own composition called, 10 Steps For College Success. I didn’t follow Bob’s advice but I kept a […]

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100 years after an anti-evolution bill died, science battles rage on

Reading Time: 3 minutes This week marks a rather depressing anniversary: It’s been 100 years since the first anti-evolution bill was proposed by a state legislature… and defeated. While that ought to be cause for celebration, it’s a reminder that we’re still fighting those same fights today. Kentucky’s 1922 anti-evolution bill As Glenn Branch of the National Center for […]

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Tutors in a Pennsylvania public school district are teaching Creationism

Reading Time: 3 minutes A church ministry has found a new way to indoctrinate public school students, and the Pennridge School District in Pennsylvania is giving them the platform to pull it off. If you visit the district’s website, there’s a page that includes community resources for parents and students. As I write this, there are flyers for adult […]

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Hold your sympathy for the basketball team that chose faith over the playoffs

Reading Time: 5 minutes UPDATE (Feb. 25): On Friday, the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) responded to Gov. Kay Ivey’s letter by saying that Oakwood agreed to the terms and conditions of postseason play, including the possibility of weekend and Sabbath day games, when they applied for inclusion into the organization. AHSAA executive director Alvin Briggs wrote: “… […]

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Banned book lists serve only one purpose: to entrench prejudice and bigotry

Reading Time: 7 minutes Last year Texas lawmaker, Matt Krause got himself noticed by creating a list of 850 books he deemed unsuitable for young readers. The Krause list of “unsuitable material”—including Class Act (2020) by award-winning writer and illustrator Jerry Craft—was distributed to a large number of schools libraries in the state. As a consequence, one school district […]

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Atheists sue WV school district over controversial religious revival assembly

Reading Time: 5 minutes Weeks after teachers in a public school district in West Virginia forced students to attend an in-school religious revival, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit against the Cabell County Board of Education. The religious revival assembly In case you missed the backstory earlier this month, all of this blew up after […]