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Why we need to decolonize our thinking on archaeology

Reading Time: 13 minutes In a world of significant scientific illiteracy, it’s easy to point fingers at “the other side”. Religious extremists, and the politicians who leverage them for power, are a serious problem. But what habits have we formed, and what narrative structures exist in our media, that only make things worse? Today I interrogate my own weaknesses, […]

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The Rifle, and Other Stories, by Tomás Carrasquilla: Translating a Catholic writer as a secular humanist

Reading Time: 11 minutes Outside my work here at OnlySky, I’m a writer of speculative and science fiction, and a translator. My science fiction usually focuses on alternative justices and social contract theory, so the overlap with my humanist essays is obvious. But my work as a translator? Well, that’s a labor of love, and an act of thanks. […]

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Oscar Wilde’s ‘Confraternity of the Faithless’

Reading Time: 6 minutes It is sad – one half of the world does not believe in God and the other half does not believe in me. — OSCAR WILDE  On the 7th of July in 1896, Anglo-Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde was incarcerated at Reading Prison for “gross indecency”—what would now be simply described as gay sex. He […]

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Secular profile: George Holyoake

Reading Time: 7 minutes When I was a boy first studying history outside American textbooks, the United Kingdom was at first an image of pomp and period drama, not so alien to the lovers of high end film and television but exotic and mystic to her North American descendants in its antiquity. As I became more experienced in the […]

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The feng shui way

Reading Time: 2 minutes The words feng shui in Chinese literally mean wind and water, though it’s anyone’s guess how wind and water link to the ancient custom of geomancy, which is what feng shui is. Geomancy is the practice of arranging items in their best possible locations and positions.  Should this village go here or further down the […]

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The center of space and time

Reading Time: 4 minutes When I was eight, I’d sit with my father in our basement in St. Louis drinking grape soda and trying to ferret something sensible out of the whistles and whines of his short-wave radio. We’d lean into the speaker as he ran the dial slowly around the world, picking up one whispery broadcast after another, […]