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Evolution of an atheist

Reading Time: 6 minutes Blaise Pascal, the famous 17th-century French philosopher and mathematician, had some advice for those who were undecided about the existence of God. In what has become known as “Pascal’s Wager,” he argued that, given a choice between believing or not believing in God, the wise decision is to believe that God exists. “If you gain, […]

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An Easter horror story

Reading Time: 2 minutes As a little kid, I was not allowed to watch horror movies. In the early 80s, they were all the rage. Such masterpieces like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th were favorites of my older siblings. And they knew that because I was prone to nightmares, my mother didn’t want me watching […]

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A day of shame for Nigeria: Humanist Mubarak Bala jailed for 24 years

Reading Time: 2 minutes Humanists International today (Tuesday) strongly condemned a decision by the Kano State High Court to jail Bala for 24 years. The organization, which has been vigorously campaigning for Bala’s release from the day he was taken into custody, described the sentence as “outrageous”. Bala was found guilty on 18 counts of causing a public disturbance […]

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When therapists push religion

Reading Time: 8 minutes Leaving religion can be a very challenging undertaking, particularly in the US, and especially in communities outside of large urban centers, where unbelief is rarely the norm. Given the often daunting psychological challenges that can accompany the task of deconverting, psychiatric help can be very important. But despite what one might expect and hope for, […]

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The Big Quit has hit pastors too

Reading Time: 7 minutes Even in the best of times, pastors have a very difficult row to hoe. With every passing year, their job just seems to get harder, pay less, demand more of them, and feel more thankless. And yet there always seemed to be roughly one quintillion more aspiring pastors than there were churches needing the position filled. Well, now, amid the general Great Resignation/Big Quit trend, that last truth is changing at lightning speed.

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Why evangelicals keep trying to sneak into public schools

Reading Time: 8 minutes In West Virginia, public school students found themselves in the middle of a midday evangelical revival on school grounds. There is absolutely no way this should have happened or been allowed, and yet it was. But there’s a reason why it was, of course. Evangelicals are fighting for every single thing that’s important to them: dominance, cultural power, numbers, everything. And they know that victory will come to the side that owns the hearts and minds of today’s children.