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SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Catholic edition

Reading Time: 8 minutes Out of every strange practice in Christianity, spiritual warfare might just be my favorite of all. Just hearing a Christian use the phrase puts a great big silly happy smile on my face and laughter in my heart. Spiritual warfare is one of those super-context-dependent Christian practices. When removed from its very specific context its practitioners look like they’re playing a Happy Pretendy Fun Time Game — which they always were.

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How Phanatik’s faith pool drained

Reading Time: 10 minutes Last week, popular Christian rapper Brady Goodwin, aka Phanatik, announced his deconversion. He released a video on his Facebook account describing how it happened. And his extimony perfectly illustrates a concept I call the faith pool. Today, let me show you what this concept means and how it worked for Phanatik.

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Culture warriors just wrecked an old denomination

Reading Time: 7 minutes In 2012, the RCA began to break apart over homosexuality. One faction –the more mainline end — wanted inclusion. The other — the culture warriors — wanted to the denomination to be bigots-for-Jesus. That breakup completed this month, with 43 congregations full of culture warriors leaving. They’re joining a new denomination, ARC (Alliance of Reformed Churches). All this, over a culture war evangelicals lost over a decade ago!

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Why I lied about being a believer

Reading Time: 3 minutes I grew up with the idea that lying is bad. In most cases at least. I found out the hard way that telling Aunt Marie that her holiday gelatin mold was, well…. off-putting, was not the time to tell the truth. Of course, I was somewhere around six or seven and “off-putting” was not the […]